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Looking for Partner in crime!
Started by Trekkar Mar 19 2018 06:01 AM

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If coding is your strong point and graphics and music arent as much we should talk. Im new to Corona and honestly in coding in general. I did run a successful Minecraft server for about 4 years though (plug-in intensive) and am not intimidated by code. I have been watching tons of videos and review the free games Corona so graciously provided (big shout out to Michael @ PonyWolf). Regardless I am 100% determined to create original content and publish it to both android and steam at minimum. I'm learning a lot and am not looking for someone to do all the coding but rather work as a team and possibly nudge me every now and then lol. 


About me.... I have been an avid musician for over 20 years. I play several instruments as well as create fully digital sounds. I've done jungles for commercials and several other projects. I am able to custom create music for any occasions or instance in any style or genre. I sing and do Voice-Over and have other singers at my disposal for other voices ect.  Also I am very into graphics as well. I have created thousands of graphics over the years for different things. Business and band logos, Custom art and now i will be focusing most of my graphic talents to games. 



Rather i am looking for a confident coder that would like to work via shared file, have regular chats to develop a game plan and execute it. I have tons of ideas and no shortage of music and graphic ability and my mind is completely open to absorb Lua and corona and i assure you in time I will be proficient. I am 32 soon to be 33 years old, have a family but am also a kid at heart and will make time for this project! My language is not rated G so sadly Im looking for someone 18+ (but best of luck to everyone under 18 making games!!)


If you looking for laughs, and do something great with someone else, please send me a message or reply to this post, or even if your just looking for someone to talk game production with ,  I would love to hear from you! 


Have a great day and Year for that matter and Thanks to all that read this!  B)