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how to create horizontally scrollable menu for layout editor
Started by maheshmn121 Mar 17 2018 10:15 PM

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Hi I want to add a Horizontally scrollable menu just like in clash of clans,






I am actually building a game currently, I have added limited number of objects to the screen,when I tap on the specified objects it gets added to the screen and I am free to place it anywhere by dragging it,

but when I add more objects I want them to be accesible by scrolling them horizontally just like in clash of clans village editor mode this is how my game looks presently.



heres a short video of layout of my game

I have actually added images to screen at the bottom when I tap on a particular image, it gets added to screen in the form of a physics object.I am free to move it anywhere on the screen

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I've developed a scrollview implementation which allows you to define a direction of touch/swipe in which items will be pulled from the menu, but any other direction will cause scrolling of the menu:




It's been a while, but if you have questions, let me know here.