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Can't load custom font on Android
Started by tiago84 Mar 06 2018 09:09 AM

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android coronacards font
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Hey there,


It seems that loading a font through CoronaCards on Android doesn't work. It works perfectly on the Corona Simulator.


Here's the log displayed  :I/System.out: WARNING: Could not load font assets/fonts/gulkave.ttf. Using default.


Here's the lua code :

local fontName = "assets/fonts/gulkave.ttf"
display.newText( message:upper(), screenW/2, screenH/2 + 20, fontName, defaultSize )

I have tried many fonts format and files : otf, ttf.


The folder is like this :

assets (android folder) -> coronagame -> *.lua (all the lua files, including the one loading the font), assets -> fonts -> gulkave.ttf


Please let me know if there's any specific behavior to change or if you have any idea on why it doesn't work.





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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Android is a case-sensitive operating system. Are you sure the filename and the path to it are all lower case?

Also, please try leaving off the .ttf.