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From The Blog: Corona Roadmap 2018
Started by CoronaBot Jan 31 2018 02:00 PM

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@John_M Don't worry too much about the links. Many are just "further reading and viewing".  :) With something like Assimp all kinds of avenues would be open for making models, though supporting the features is another matter.


Yes, you just need to put the object3d DLL there. If you use the others rather than grab them from the marketplace, comment out the respective lines in build.settings. (impack is paid but needed only for "diffuse" mode, not "uvs", which can be adjusted in the example. That's for per-pixel access, but maybe I'll roll the appropriate logic into the plugin for PNG and JPEG.) When making a build you'll also need to manually copy over the non-marketplace binaries; if it's possible to automate this I'd like to know myself.


Anyhow, what I've provided is only for desktop, just to give it a spin, so no Enterprise / Native needed.

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