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How to setup & use Corona Enterprise
Started by assif_tiger Jan 05 2018 09:40 AM

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Greetings Corona Folks,
I am planning now to switch on corona enterprise,

Thus a beginner for enterprise I need a suggestion & guidance.

Do let me know your suggestion.


I want to know certain things, how we can utilize enterprise to overcome the requirement that can compete in terms of the native.


Thanks in Advance,




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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Enterprise is now Corona Native.  There is considerable documentation on our docs site. In fact, there is a whole section dedicated to it. That said, there is an assumption that you kind of already understand how native development works.  We do have a tutorial to help get you started if you're coming from a Corona Simulator only environment for iOS:




Now that said, the basics are the same for iOS and Android. You make a copy of the "App" project from the Corona/Native/Project Template folder.  Rename it, open the appropriate project file in either Xcode or Android Studio at which point you should be able to run the empty project and have it compile and work.


After that, what you want to do in native (add some native library, make a plugin, etc.) requires you to understand Objective C/Swift (iOS) or Java (Android) or C++ (either) to do what you want to do.