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Data Grid, Data Table Widget Tester Needed
Started by primoz.cerar Nov 22 2017 02:43 PM

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data grid widget tester plugin
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I am looking for a tester for an upcoming widget plugin.

The main widget is a data grid that has a lot of functionality and requires outside testing.

I need someone who will actually dedicate some time to this as bugs are expected and need to be resolved before plugin release. Tester should preferably have access to various devices for testing.


Some screen shots of the widgets attached.


The functionality of the data grid widget:

  • Fully customizable look by providing colors for individual elements (or anything that a object.fill will take) or 9-slice image sheet for specific elements
  • 2D (diagonal) scrolling
  • Manual or automatic grouping
  • Collapsable groups
  • In code and end user sorting (column header touch)
  • Variable row height
  • Total summaries and group summaries (sum, count, custom - event based)
  • Custom column data formatting (float numbers, dates, times)
  • On draw cell customization events (allows row data based cell customization like cell color, cell text, or completely custom cell contents)
  • Row height event (allows row height manipulation based on row data)
  • Various other event callbacks
  • Fixed left columns (do not move horizontally when all columns together wider than grid)
  • Rows can be inserted individually or as a data set table
  • Data bound mode (make changes to the data set table and grid reflects them automatically)
  • Lazy loading (Optional. When enabled the grid will theoretically never lock up your app even when loading large data sets or scrolling very fast. Rows pop in or fade in as they are loaded)
  • animated insert/delete, group expand/collapse
  • ... (things that I have forgotten)


There is also a data list (or table how ever you want to call it) widget

This basically has all the functionality of the data grid but there is only one column of data. There is an optional second line of data per row (provided in either the insertRow call or in the data set table)


Also a 2D scroll view (diagonal scrolling) is included.


Some other things will be added in the future.


As a reward the tester gets a free license for the widget.


Grouping and summaries


Attached File  GridGroups1.png   102.49KB   0 downloadsAttached File  GridGroups2.png   93.96KB   0 downloads


Element customization with image sheet


Attached File  GridImageSheet.png   369.21KB   0 downloads


Event based cell element and complete cell contents customization


Attached File  GridEventCellCustomization1.png   77.01KB   0 downloadsAttached File  GridEventCellCustomization2.png   86.51KB   0 downloads


List/Table with one or two text lines per row


Attached File  List1or2Lines.png   71.15KB   0 downloads


Event based row elements and height customization


Attached File  ListRowCustomization.png   67.6KB   0 downloads

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Greetings primoz,
I can assist you with a requirement of testing.

Feel free to connect me :
Skype: assifphp

Mail: assif@bizzcode.com



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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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That looks like a great widget!



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What ups like to test.


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