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Save and load picture after display.save
Started by bbk Oct 30 2017 09:04 AM

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display.save picture sqlite3
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I have a problem saving and then displaying a captured picture. It works on my Simulator and iPhone, but not on the iPad - even though the picture captured by the camera is shown on the screen. (so it should not be a problem with the build.settings)


It may be a question for support, but I try to get advice here first....



I am capturing a picture and saving it to the system.DocumentsDirectory with the following code:

     -- Capture the screen and save it to file.      
      local photo = event.target
      local saveOption = 

      display.save( photo, saveOption ) 

(I had tried earlier without the captureOffScreenArea = true, and then I only got part of the picture)



I then store the name of the picture in the database and retrieve it later with the following code:

local baseDir = system.DocumentsDirectory    
local pictureSavedAs = row.pathOfPicture
local image = display.newImage(thePicturesDisplayed, pictureSavedAs, baseDir )

This code works fine on the Simulator and on my iPhone 6 (iOS 11.0.3), but on the iPad the saved picture is only shown as a black square.


The picture that was captured from the camera. (local photo = event.target) can and is shown on the screen.


The code that I am using is mostly from the Sample Code/Media/Camera and I am using Corona Version 2017.3157 


I am attaching the code that I am using if you would like to try it on your devices.



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Dear Moderator 

I am not sure if you want me to delete this post, now that it seems like I have found a solution....


I tested with iOS 11.1, which did not help


Then I downloaded Corona build 2017.3163 and the iPad is able to save and thereafter display the image.

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Please leave it in case someone has the same issue and can see your solution.