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Runtime:addEventListener( "location", locationHandler ) BUG!
Started by carloscosta Oct 25 2017 08:29 AM

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hi, today i found a weird bug on 


Runtime:addEventListener( "location", locationHandler )


never had a problem till today. and only on windows simulator, on android device worked fine, on mac simultator worked fine also.


took me some hours to found out the problem was this line and not from my code.


when i display.remove() a large object with tableviews and containers. it removes fine, if i after i remove that object create a runtime "location" will give me an error:



?:0: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'contentHeight' (a nil value) stack traceback:

?: in function '_manageRowLifeCycle'

?: in function '?'

?: in function <?:190>


like i said this error only appear in windows simulator.


if don't remove that object, the runtime will not give me an error, it will work fine.

if i remove the object and dont create the runtime, it will remove the object fine. it's the combo that fails.

if i give a timer.performWithDelay between the 2 it will work fine also.


right now i cant create a test file because i need to strip my object to a minimum, and that will take more time that i already lost. please look at the runtime "location" code, hope this error message help.


if tomorrow i've time i will try to strip to find where the bug is coming.