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Some thought on the business model of Coronalabs
Started by ben68 Oct 19 2017 05:46 AM

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Hi all,

This is my first day here, so who am I to question Coronalabs business model  B) .


The reason I write this is because I would like to give an input from my perspective as a developer. I'm sure others have different views and needs, but here is my case:


I think the idea of Coronalabs is that you have a good idea for a game or an app and now they help you to put your idea on the app store. If you need some assets for you game you go to the marketplace and buy some stuff.


This is not how it works in my country. I live in a first world country with high wages but also very high living costs. And here you earn your money with client work ("consulting"). Selling apps is financially not interesting. The app or the game is just a means in order to help the clients business.


The whole process is completely focused on the clients needs and brand, time to market and costs. The app or the game is not so much in the center of it all as is it the specific campaign.


So here are the things that I value and that I'd pay for:


- A marketplace that let me buy on demand work from designers/developers. All the generic stuff is worthless to me. Let me interact directly with people.


- Coronalabs web services that would help me not only to put an app or game out there but also help me manage the whole online campaign.


So I said it  :rolleyes: . I know it's a bit a bold move to come here and tell how people should run their business....



Regards Uno