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Corona Integration with Weibo Posting
Started by helena9 Oct 17 2017 06:27 PM

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Hey Everyone!


I've been attempting to make an app that can post to Weibo. Ideally an image with text, but even just text would do at this point. Ideally this works through Weibo's api and oAuth2 authentication - not the social plugin offered by corona. This is because all users of the mobile app should post to the same weibo, since the app should never prompt the user to login to the actual weibo.


Similar to the twitter api, one needs to make a weibo app through which I get an app key, secret, and an authentication code.


Although I was unable to get weibo to approve my app, I still get an appkey and eventually made it past the "appkey missing" error. What I'm completely stumped on, is this error message:


{"error":"Auth failed, Cookie referer check fail.","error_code":21301,"request":"/2/statuses/update.json"}


Any ideas what this means? My best guess is that Weibo wants requests coming from the web vs. mobile? Should I work on creating a backend, in PHP for example, and instead make calls through there?