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Make your game using my 50 Fantastic pokemon-esque character art [looking for programmer]
Started by localgaming Oct 08 2017 07:15 PM

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I simply LOVE these 50 characters I had commissioned from a great artist. (see attached sample) I own the full rights to them and was planning on using them in my own games such as RPGmaker etc. I've since moved on to another game now. But I would still like to use these somehow. 

∞Would you like to make a collectible card game?

∞Would you like to make a turn based combat/rpg game?
∞Would you like to make a card matching puzzle game?

∞A fun cute visual novel for kids?


Let me know what game you would like to make and how these will be used and we can figure out a way to collaborate! I could even buy the game from you if it's in the 1000-2000 USD range. 


Growing up I played a ton of turn based rpgs like final fantasy, phantasy star and might & magic. Ive also played a lot of DnD both 3.5 and 5th edition. I would love to help you with game design, writing, and hiring/team management if you wanted to work on a game like this.


I also spent countless hours playing MTG, The Spoils and other great CCGs. If you want to make a game like that I could definitely help, I won a lot of tournaments over the course of 5 years, seriously a lot... I struck fear into the locals (sadly just short of making it to pro tour before I got burnt out on the attitude of the backstabby competitive scene. Ive seen people cry over collections being stolen, Ive seen yelling matches because someone wouldnt pay their share of the travel expenses, multiple dissolved friendships, and violent threats. As well as just leaking 'team' information to gain/ruin a competitive edge).


Most of my money is being spent on the game I'm currently lead of. But if we need assets for the game, I don't mind spending say $100 a month on art and audio assets that I will own and that we can use. If you wanted to move to Thailand like I did. Chiang Mai is great and cheap! I am going to be renting a 3 bedroom house and using the living room for game development and offering the other 2 rooms rent free to colab partners. Game dev house!


What I can help with


øCommissioning UI, character and animation assets. I've gotten really good at this over the last 3 years.
øFinding and buying ready made special effects, sound effects, music and voice over assets. I think anyone can do this but it is time consuming and there is a wide variety of quality and taste. Maybe your time is better spent programming?
øDesign documentation - Once we agree on the mechanics or genre of our game I can begin the design work of paper prototyping or mental prototyping the combinations of mechanics and limiting it down to only the best combinations to keep the scope down and then turning that into a design document that clearly explains how the mechanic works, how it interacts with other mechanics, turn order or order of play, how the animation will play, where the camera angle is, where and which sound plays etc. 
øHiring and managing writers if the game has a continuous plot and character interaction. - Currently managing a team of 5 writers for my game MECH, this is not as easy as it sounds but MECH needs 100s of short scenarios with multiple outcomes and sci-fi universes can be hard. 

Either reply below (preferred) or direct message me with how you think we could work together and lets start a discussion! 


What I think would work best for collaborating: 
øClearly define roles. Be clear on what you will do and what you need help with. 
øScope really small! This is our first colab together, what is the shortest fastest game we can help each other make before embarking on an odyssey? 
øScope really small, yes I said it twice. 


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