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Corona Enterprise plugins requirement
Started by nook Oct 02 2017 06:08 AM

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corona enterprise android studio include plugins
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Currently, I am working on one project which is built in corona enterprise version 2017.3135(mac os) for using the android studio and we have a requirement to use these plugins in game.
-Firebase Analytics
-Google Play Games Servies 
-Google IAP

For an enterprise build,I have to add ".jar" file of each plugin in 'lib' directory as corona enterprise will not load plugins from build.setting.i have seen forums and your sites on which I knew that it required downloading plugins files as the same version of enterprise that you are using for build.
as per this sites which I have mentioned below,
For ios we can add the plugin in corona native in the project as per your guidance.but for android you are planning to post similar instructions.so can now is it available for download? , or is there any other way to include plugin in android project using corona enterprise 
So, kindly provide some help on how can we include these plugins in the game to be built in the android studio.

Thanks and looking forward,

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Hi @nook


Could you please email to support@coronalabs.com with this request?