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Latest Release: Corona Editor 1.7.0
Started by Perry Clarke Sep 26 2017 02:49 PM

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Perry Clarke

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Perry Clarke
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The 1.7.0 release of Corona Editor is now available which fixes some issues and adds a couple of often requested enhancements:

  • Fix issue with inline function definition syntax coloring (fixes #20)
  • Look for the Simulator in the new "Corona" location (rather than "CoronaSDK") (fixes #23)
  • Make Super+B run the project in the Simulator (synonym for Super+F10)
  • Improve clickability of errors and warnings which contain file and line number information
  • Update completions to latest version of Corona
You should get the new version the next time you restart Sublime Text (you can check using Corona Editor ▶ About Corona Editor...)
Sublime Text pro tip: if you're having trouble getting package updates, try removing the "ignored_packages" section from your Sublime Text settings.