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Need a 2D game developer for my project
Started by andrew961 Sep 13 2017 06:59 AM

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game word puzzle
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I have a game concept that I have spent the last 3+ years designing, scoping and building use-cases for. It's a word game that has some similarity to WordBrain 2 but is way better for future playability.


The problem with games like WordBrain are that they have a limited set of levels with specifically designed word sets. Sure, they can update and release more levels, but my game is good because there's no end to the possibilities so players can play for forever, without repetition or getting bored. But there's also tons of room for expansion via in-app purchases as well as point stores etc.


I'm looking for a developer that can build the game in Corona so that it can be deployed to both Android and iOS. I would also like it built in Corona so I can eventually learn the language and take over future development. I'm a business web app developer so the mobile stuff is a bit out of my area of expertise. I learn best by example and don't have time to learn Lua from the ground-up and then build this app.


I know that no one wants to work for free so I'm willing to pay for development, though if the developer is willing to discount the development costs in exchange for profit sharing from the app, it would help.


Before I can share my ideas I need to get a sense of what you've done as well as what a working relationship with you might look like. Please provide me with examples of 2D games you've built and deployed to the app stores, especially those that involve word puzzles if you have any.


Also, in order to get a sense of what it might cost for you to build the game, if you were to recreate the game Wordbrain 2, roughly how much would you charge in USD? (Please understand I'm not actually wanting to recreate that game, but it is a close enough approximation to give me an idea of pricing.)


Thank you,

Andrew Christensen