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Can't run Android app anymore with Corona Native
Started by apps638 Aug 29 2017 02:03 PM

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Hi - I need to update the Android version of my app which was built with Corona Enterprise before.


I was able to build it using the new Corona Native.


However, when running the app, it crashes right away, saying it "Could not load class 'plugin.flurry.analytics.LuaLoader'"


I'm guessing it's because we can't use plugins in Native Android projects yet?


According to this right now there isn't a way to use plugins on Android yet, only iOS: https://coronalabs.com/blog/2017/07/06/using-plugins-in-corona-native-projects-ios/


So then I tried reverting to an older version of Corona Enterprise (before Corona Native). But then I get the build error "The current 'Corona SDK' subscription does not have sufficient privileges"


Since Corona Enterprise was discontinued, does that mean I'm stuck and can't update my app until there is plugin support for Native Android projects? 


Please help, thanks!

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Scott Harrison

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Scott Harrison
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Hi @apps638,


Check your email please.