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How I disable ads?
Started by orspeeder Aug 22 2017 10:17 AM

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Many years ago I made lots of apps with Corona paid version (not Enterprise)


Google BANNED (as in, not only removed from store but punished my account) my apps because they have some AD apis in them that break google policies.


So I proceeded to download Corona SDK again, recompile, and send new APKs, google said the offending APIs are still there.


The thing is: I never used ads in my apps, I made apps for little kids, and they have zero ads, in fact that was back then a major appeal of my company.


So... how I remove from my build those ad APIs so Google can unban my account?

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1. Identify the offending APIs.  If Google is giving you this much grief they must be able to at least help you start to identify the 'offending APIs'.  (Can you list them here? That might get better input than I'm providing now.)


2. Verify you are not including any unneeded entries in build.settings


3. If all else fails, pay someone or Corona to help you identify the issue.


On a side note, I realize that Google uses the 'hands-off' / 'automatic-detection' process a lot, but if they've taken such extreme steps against you it seems there must be some re-course whereby a person (Google Employee) can examine your app(s) to verify whether this is a false-positive Ad APIs identification.