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Does corona supports Facebook Audience Network to Ad Mediation with Admob
Started by sahil19.sindh Aug 09 2017 07:51 AM

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Hello Corona guys,


I am getting a little upset now, Everytime i want to use some feature then it is either paid or not avialable to use.

From last few times i always change my plan and implement something else. This time i want to use Ad Mediation.

I am following the following link steps and done Step 1 and Step 2 successfully.



but now again i am struck when it says i need to import some Adapters, not getting what is this Adapter, 

Please tell me whats wrong with the implementation?


Also my main point is to implement the Admob Mediation so the best Ad can be shown in my Game (one with the higher revenue generation option), I want to use Admob, Facebook both.


I read somewhere that Admob is in beta so cannot use that directly but through fb it might looks possible.


Is there any other way to achieve this, may be with some other Ad network and all.


Please please please suggest something so i finally do some game releases again in market.


Thanks in advance,

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If you want to use mediation please consider the Appodeal plugin.

Neither the stand alone Facebook Audience Network nor AdMob plugin support mediation.


With Appodeal many ad networks are available and used by default, however if you wish to only use specific ad networks you can select which ones to use in their dashboard.


Appodeal has built-in support for Facebook Audience Network and AdMob.