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Vungle Ads are not showing after status is active from testing
Started by jawadkh27 Jul 27 2017 06:02 AM

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The thing is that i was using vungle ads plugin 4.1 on corona SDK. Every thing was working fine and my ads are cached and shown.But when i made my ads status active from testing in vungle  ,i stop receiving ads in my game. Then i uses vungle 5.1 plugin for corona which is released few days ago . But having same issue the my ads are not getting load and shown.  But when my vungle ads status in testing mode i received ads but when i change my status to active i stopped receiving ads. i hope you understand that . Please can you help me in solving this issue. Thank you 

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Hi @jawadkh27.  I'm going to move this to the Vungle forum where the Vungle team might see it.


But most likely you are running into simple case of not having any ads available for your live app. This is something called "fill rate".  What you can do is in your listener function, you can print out the values that get returned.  Perhaps something like:

if event.type == "adLog" or event.type = "vungleSDKlog" then

inside your listener function. You can also print a message if you detect event.isError == true.