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Need help creating wave system
Started by JoePringles Jul 12 2017 09:09 AM

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I tried to find out how to make a wave system in Corona but I couldnt find anything.


I am making a shoot em up game where the player has to kill all enemies in 1 minute by tapping on each enemy.


When the wave is completed, the amount of enemies is doubled in the next wave.


I have no idea where to start.

All I have is a timer:

local secondsLeft = 1 * 60 

local clockText = display.newText("1:00", buttonup.x, 80, native.systemFontBold, 25)

local function updateTime()
	-- decrement the number of seconds
	secondsLeft = secondsLeft - 1
	-- time is tracked in seconds.  We need to convert it to minutes and seconds
	local minutes = math.floor( secondsLeft / 60 )
	local seconds = secondsLeft % 60
	-- make it a string using string format.  
	local timeDisplay = string.format( "%02d:%02d", minutes, seconds )
	clockText.text = timeDisplay

-- run them timer
local countDownTimer = timer.performWithDelay( 1000, updateTime, secondsLeft )

How do I make the wave system?