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Is it possible to sell a 4-pack through any app store?
Started by eduven Jun 09 2017 10:04 PM

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I'm just getting my feet wet on mobile development in general so I don't really know the scope of the app stores.


I'm developing an app that would make sense to sell it as an 4-Pack or 8-Pack. That is: One user will buy 4 or 8 "licenses" that will eventually (and somehow) be distributed among their fellow partners so the rest won't need to buy it.


I'd like to prevent them to make 8 individual purchases (and potentially give them a discount).


Is this even possible? Based on what I've read the answer is no, but I'd like to get a confirmation for people with more expertise.


One option (a workaround, basically) I thought was to sell a product and then make a connection to my servers where 7 more "licenses" would be delivered to the customer's app. The app would then have a way to "give" other apps a code to unlock the full version (they'll need to download the free version.) The "unlocking" process would bypass google to verify the "license" status (it will be validated through my servers).


This workaround seems doable but I hate to have to maintain and verify these "soft" licenses.


How does this sound? Too crazy? Am I reinventing the wheel?


Thanks in advance,