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Graphics and visual effects
Started by sreyans.sipani99 May 30 2017 08:18 AM

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graphics visual effects quality
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I uploaded this game called Color Tap about less than a year ago. Now I am getting back to revamp it.. The main flaw with my game was that it wasn't quite as visually appealing and attractive as the games one sees today. 

I was hoping the community could suggest me some libraries or methods to uplift the game's visual appeal or in general also for future purposes. I 'll leave a link also so that you guys can test it out if you want to and give me suggestions based on that. Any other suggestions are also welcome.

If anyone feels this post is in the wrong forum, please inform me and I will change it ASAP

Thanking you in advance.


Links to my game:


Google Play Store:
Amazon App Store:

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Looking at your screen shots, there are several things that could be improved on.


1. Fonts. You're using a very bland font, perhaps native.systemFont, which on Android is Roboto on later versions of Android and Droid Sans on earlier devices. The font doesn't need to be crazy. Legibility is still very important, but there are other good fonts you can use.


2. Colors. There is a lot to color theory. See this site: https://www.colormatters.com/color-and-design/basic-color-theory and look to implement complementary colors or analogous colors. 


3. Contrast. If you look at your screen shot "GAME OVER". The high score and current score text are dark on a dark background. Yet you also  have a bright red bar on a dark green background. The first thing your eyes are drawn to is the red bar. Is that the most important thing on the screen?


4. In the "ACTIVE COLOR:PINK" screen shot, why is the black 5 in the middle of the screen? If that's a score, perhaps it should be near a top corner.


Let's see what else the community has to add!