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Wattage Tile Engine
Started by paul.watt526 May 09 2017 08:28 AM

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Two updates to mention:


1. First, a new video has been added to the Wattage Tile Engine product page showing a game that is under development using the Wattage Tile Engine.  Here is a link to the video: https://youtu.be/5IsXP8ARZiM



2. Second, the Wattage Tile Engine has been updated to include the all new RegionManager type.  This new type enables the Wattage Tile Engine to handle environments which would otherwise be too large to load into RAM.  This is handy when dealing with procedurally generated environments.  


Applications can utilize the RegionManager by implementing two listener functions.  One listener function is used to supply sub regions to the tile engine as they come into view and the other listener function is used to clean up regions which are no longer needed.  Please see the usage guide in the links below for further details.


The API docs have been updated to document the new type, a usage guide has been added to the documentation, and an example project using the new RegionManager type is available.  Please see the links below:


Documentation root (contains links to all example code and guides):

RegionManager API doc root:
RegionManager Usage Guide:
RegionManager Example doc root:
RegionManager Example Project:


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