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Using a wheel as a slider widget to increase or decrease a number.
Started by brucelee.guthrie Apr 20 2017 09:38 AM

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customised slider wheel style customised stepper
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i saw  a video from Corona Labs today showcasing some App games.  In one of the games called "BoneShaker", i saw an image of a wheel that was being used to drive the game character along the screen.  the purpose of the wheel and th euser spinning the wheel was to move the character forward in the game and at the same time a distance was being displayed on the screen to indicate the character progress. 


i would be very interested to see how this customised slider worked, and i think i can use this idea in my app for allowing the user to "spin" a number up or down using much more accuaracy in the case where my scale is large.


Using a standard slider the scale i want to use is so big i cannot get the fine steps i want, and i see this "wheel" idea as the way to go.  effectivley the wheel can be spun many times to cover my scale range.


see attached image from the App game.




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the easiest approach to this is, create an object, add touch event on it. make the ability to rotate it on touch, use the angle of the object for your scale