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ERROR ITMS-90096: "Your binary is not optimized for iPhone 5" - Never seen this msg before
Started by troylyndon Apr 20 2017 01:04 AM

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Best Answer ingemar_cl , 01 May 2017 - 07:19 PM



In the Launchscreen Xcode project you can change the Content Mode of the Launch image from "Aspect Fit" to "Aspect Fill".  The launch image is found in ViewControllerScene->ViewController->Launch and and Content Mode is found in the Attributes Inspector within the Utilities panel on the left (4th icon from the left, looks like a small slider).


With "Aspect Fill", keep in mind that you should not have any objects near the edges of your image as on some devices the image will zoom in to fill the black areas. In your case, for phones, the top and bottom parts of the image will bleed off-screen, so be careful not to have any objects close to the top/bottom of your image. On tablets the left/right parts of the image will bleed off screen, so you should keep and eye on that too.


You can see the result of what your images will look like on different devices directly within Xcode without having to install on device.

There is a "View as:" area on the bottom-left of the work area. Click on it to reveal a device/orientation selection list. From there you can select different devices/orientations to view how the launch image will look on that particular device.


Having thought about it some more, it may be better for you to design your images in a 16:9 ratio instead of the rather outdated 3:2 ratio as most phones nowadays have a 16:9 ratio. You should still change the Content Mode to "Aspect Fill" to avoid black bars though, and pay attention not to have objects near the edges just in case the edges bleed off screen.

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Or just change the background color of the storyboard to match the background color of your image. In Xcode, click on the outermost object in the Storyboard View and in the inspector on the right (middle tab of the 5 small tabs at the top, I think, I don't have xcode up, but the tutorial should cover this), find the color setting and make it whatever you need it to be.



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Go with Rob's suggestion....The most obvious (and best) choice  ;)

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