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Introducing myself
Started by stevefreedenburg Mar 20 2017 06:46 AM

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My name is Steve.  I work for a company that distributes/manufactures casino style gaming machines and point of sale systems in Georgia.  I design hardware and write firmware for hardware that interfaces with and emulates other hardware.  Not terribly exciting, but I love it.


I've always been a gamer, ever since the days of NES and playing Sierra Online games (Space Quest 3 was my first game for my Tandy 1000 TL/2).


I've always wanted to make games.  I've dabbled in Unreal Engine, Oxygine, and Godot recently. There was always some roadblock.  Some thing that just stopped the game making learning process.


With Unreal Engine, it was my lack of game making experience, and it's just a super advanced engine for what my game making goal is.  It's a great engine, I loved the blue prints and interface.  It's a freighter and I just need a tug boat.


Oxygine didn't seem to have a way to make new projects easily that didn't involve copying existing projects and stripping out the sample code.  It just seemed clunky and for that reason I had to chop it.


Godot seemed neat!  I can't remember why I game up on it.  Maybe it was to try Unreal Engine.


But about a month ago I saw a video done by Centre for Computing History interviewing John Romero.  "How to start developing video games" and the game making savant said "Use Corona!"



So I am!  It's been great so far and I've actually got a basic prototype going of the game I wanted to make.  Something I've never done with the other engines because I was stuck trying to figure out HOW the engine preferred I do it.  Corona FTW.




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