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CPC/CPCV rewarded video advertisement tips
Started by matias.kiviniemi Mar 17 2017 10:34 AM

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Any tips/good experiences on for implementing a CPC/CPCV focused rewarded video monetization. We do a bunch of puzzle games with grownup&casual audience and the out-of-the-box Admob/Chartboost rewarded/interstitial video is not working out too well. We get decent impressions and clicks, but very little installs, i.e. not much revenue. It's understandable since the campaigns that you mostly see is the latest-iap-addiction-app that's probably a bad fit for our audience. Something like "youtube brand ads" with either CPCV or CPC would be a much more suitable format. But I'm not sure if I should be targeting some specific network, play with category targeting or mediation or something else. There's just so many combinations to systematically try out so I thought I'd check for wisdom from the elders :)