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Is it possible to access a file that is inside another App (Android)?
Started by billyfairbank Jan 12 2017 05:46 PM

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I have a Android App that is saving some data in a "file.txt".   I know that Android allows to make that file accessible for other apps.


Can my Corona app (using Corona SDK, not Enterprise) access that file?  If not, is there any workaround to pass that file.txt to my Corona app?

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Hi there is no way in Corona Sdk, But there are two following ways that I have used for same scenarios:


1- Keep your file on Sd-card/Internal memory in android & use it as an intermediate for apk's.


2- We can receive an intent in corona apk , if you can send intent from corona then you can share anything.

     Refer Intent in Android SDK , Register intenet in build.settings.