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Corona Developers looking for projects
Started by krystian6 Dec 29 2016 12:55 AM

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we are a group of developers with focus on:
* Corona SDK/Enterprise
* Unity
* Native iOS/Android
We have developed and released games and apps for other companies (including large advertisement agencies, big game publishers), some of them with 5M+ downloads, reaching Top 5:
- match-3
- endless "runners"
- puzzle games
- 3d games
- ebook reader
- children apps and games
- jigsaws
- product promotion apps
- advertising apps
- learning apps
... have 10+ years of software development experience on average.
... have the whole development structure ready, including and not limited to secure Jira issue tracking, private self hosted Git repositories behind VPN. 
... are english speakers.
... work in CET timezone but can adjust to the needs.
... have plenty of experience with Corona Enterprise, custom plugins, builds etc. 
... use profilers, build servers and other tools to speed up development.
... handle all of the graphics conversions, animations etc.
... have got plenty of devices to test on, Android phones & tablets, iphones and ipads.
... have worked on performance demanding games and apps and made them run as fast as possible even on oldest devices.
... value good atmosphere and relation, transparency, communication and security.
... like to work close with the client to minimize the delays and immediately address requests and concerns.
... provide a great support before, during and after the release.
... love our work and put our hearts and minds to it :)
Experienced with:
* physics
* particles
* spine animations
* tween and frame by frame animations
* endless "runners"
* match-3 and similar
* live and "offline" multiplayer
* social
* amazon aws
* creation of backends on services like openshift
* sfx manipulation
* mutli platform IAP including subscriptions
* mutli platform Ads (banners, interstitials, incentivized) from a lot of networks
* use of all of the device capabilities (gps, accelerometer etc)
* augmented reality and VR
* others...
If you are looking for developers or co-developers or if you have a project in mind and need assistance, please feel free to contact me, will try to respond ASAP.
Our website:
Best regards

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I am working on a series of educational apps that I need to outsource the programming. 
I will provide all the graphics, audios, and videos.I have already start working on the app, and have done some extremely basic programming. Please let me know how I can get in touch to further discuss?




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I would like to tell you my project hope it is a success, I hope your support to achieve it, thank you very much

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We are located in Dallas, TX and currently have a project and we have some java/java script for it but like to start new with Corona. Can someone contact me and we can talk about it? My number 2144172054. Thanks! Mike