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Apple TV Multiplayer solutions
Started by horacebury Nov 18 2016 10:56 PM

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multiplayer apple tv remote
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Does anyone have a solution for detecting multiple players on Apple TV apps?


My assumption is that having the game running on an iPhone or iPad and looking for it on the local network would be how existing games do it.


How to go about searching the network for a listening device?

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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In a general sense, each player would have their own controller, someone with the remote and other with paired MFi compatible bluetooth controllers. Using our controller API's you can get a count of attached controllers. I've heard rumors that Apples "Remote" app for iPhones can be used too, but they would probably show up as a controller as well, I just don't know if it replaces the remote or if it comes in as additional controllers.


If you want an app running on a device that's playing the game and want it to be talking to the Apple TV as a client in a multi-player setup (i.e. it's not controlling the Apple TV), then search the forums for "AutoLan". I believe @roaminggamer got it working with Apple's latest IPv6 requirements. With it, one version of the app starts up in "Server" mode and other players connect as clients.