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Moving Road - 3D Road Racer
Started by gsglawson Nov 15 2016 08:20 AM

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Does anyone have any examples that they can point me to where the road moves towards the player like the old-school road racing games? I only need the white lines "coming at you" effect as this will be running in the background and is not really part of the game itself, i.e. the player will not be racing a car down this road, it is only for looks. 


I have tried creating a strip of road then using the quadrilateral distortion effects to give it perspective but I cannot seem to get the movement to look realistic. I found this tutorial which is exactly what I am looking for, however it is written in javascript which I know nothing about. I have also read this article on Mode-7 which is great but is way more than I need. 


Any help is greatly appreciated!


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You mean this: 

I don't give out the source, but I'm happy to talk about theory / code.

Exactly how far have you got with your quad distortion, since that really is the key? Once you have a reasonable understanding of the simple 3D code behind drawing the road, everything else is really just data handling.