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tvOS and In-App Purchases
Started by greglosang Sep 30 2016 11:28 AM

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Apple tells me that In-App Purchases are available in tvOS.  Does this functionality work with Corona's In-App purchase functionality?  I'm also not clear on if you can make a tvOS app have it's own In-App purchases or if it only works when the tvOS also has an iOS app and they are set up as Universal.  



Here's what Apple says:


Please note that tvOS does allow in app purchases already:

Also, you might find the following resources helpful in this regard by referring to the subtitle Enabling In-App Purchase (iOS, tvOS, Mac):


And the "Universal Purchase" section of the Apple website says this:


To distribute your iOS app and tvOS app together with a universal purchase, both apps need to use the same app record in iTunes Connect. You can create a new app for both iOS and tvOS using the same app record or add a platform to your existing app record. The iOS app and tvOS app share the same bundle ID but must have their own version in the app record and must be uploaded separately. The iOS app and tvOS app may have different version numbers and build strings.

In-App Purchases

To make an In-App Purchase available on both platforms, you’ll need to implement the same In-App Purchase in both versions of your app. After you’ve enabled your app for universal purchase in My Apps on iTunes Connect, customers can restore your In-App Purchases on both platforms. Learn more about In-App Purchase

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