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openudid plugin problem
Started by ale Sep 18 2016 10:38 PM

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Hi all,


I'm using the openudid plugin on iOS



in my build.settings I have:

 settings =
    plugins =
        ["plugin.openudid"] =
            publisherId = "com.coronalabs",
            supportedPlatforms = { iphone=true }

then in my main.lua i have:

local openudid = require( "plugin.openudid" )
    openudid.setOptOut( true )

    print( openudid.getValue() )

when I run the app on my iOS device (iphone4s with iOS 9.3.5 ) the openudid.getValue() still return a long zero string like this: "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000".


I have see in Corona Marketplace that the plugin is pre-activated


Unfortunally call the system.getInfo( "deviceID" ) not help because it return different ID each time the app is deleted/reinstalled.


I dont'know if I'm missing something or the plugin has a bad behaviour.


I'm using Corona SDK Build: 2016.2950 


Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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What is your use case for needing this?



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Hi Rob,


I'm working on a voting app with Corona.

Basically the users will vote some videos with the app for a video dance contest.

The user can use the app without an account or sign-in, so we have not voters accounts and/or voters email.

The app check if the vote is valid, tracking the number of the voted video, locally saved in the preferences and using a backend with a database to store some data like the number of the voted video, the device ID,  a timestamp and others.


One of the main goals of the app is to have not scams or frauds on voting results, to do this I need a unique code that maintain the relation between the user (the device) and the vote.

The simple way to bypass the vote validation and re-vote the same video more than one time is to uninstall and reinstall the app, this action will delete the local voted video list and will change the device ID making it possible to vote the same again and again.


I'm looking for alternative solutions as get the MAC address of the device but seem not so easy to do :(





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