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Does CoronaCards supports plugins?
Started by thefest29 Sep 06 2016 08:48 PM

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In my game i'm using openssl plugin.  When i build for wp8 - i'm getting error 'module 'plugin.openssl' not found' .

Is it possible to activate this plugin? Thanks

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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CoronaCards for WP8 doesn't use the build.settings file or our build servers to download. So you can't use our plugins as is.

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Joshua Quick

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Joshua Quick
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Also, the 3rd party OpenSSL library itself does not support WP8.

As in no one can use OpenSSL on WP8.  Not even native developers.


That's part of the challenge of WP8 development.  It's relatively new compared to the other mobile OSes and many open source libraries don't support that platform.


So, whatever you're using OpenSSL for, you'll need to implement yourself via Microsoft's .NET classes.  We document how to communicate between Lua and .NET here...