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Decimal Watch for Business approved by App Store
Started by cdu_kou Apr 20 2010 04:52 PM

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• What is the decimal? Decimal is a unit of decimal scheme. Normally a minute is 60 seconds but you can use the Decimal Watch recount it in your day life. Decimal Watch is commonly used in the calculation and analysis and research work in plant and process control. It is a specialist stopwatch for personal work to manage time. 1DM = 1 / 100 minutes 100DM = 1 minute 6000DM = 60 minutes . - Features 1. It also can be used as a normal stopwatch. You need not to touch the button, only shake your iPhone front or back to switch it between sexagesimal and decimal. 2. You can change it even in counting and you can confirm the lap. 3. You can stop it in counting and your stops will be showed in the line. You can check it easily. 4. The precision is 1/1000DM.Maximum is 10000DM. 5. Lap / split can be showed by limitless times. 6. Shake it to reset. auctions: due to a terminal unit there is still on error when counting.
Decimal Watch

Thanks for Corona development environment.I will approve the app for Android after solving some problem.

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