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Pixel Shaders, how to load without anything objects smth like images & Pixel Sh without Vertex - how?
Started by gleb269 Jul 23 2016 09:09 AM

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shader graphic pixel shader fragment kernel images and objects
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How to use pixel shaders

Not so long ago I wrote a shader and want to load it into corona SDK and use . But the problem is that I have pixel shader , and I use in it only Fragment Kernel.

So I have two questions . 1. How can I assign it to an object ? 2. How can I write it down , if the assignment to the common image , and it does not move without the Vertex Kernel?

Thank you

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Make sure your shader works in https://shader.coronalabs.com/. This is HTML5 playground for testing fragment shaders. After that, you can plug it into one of our templates, depending on how many inputs shader have. Also, there is a guide explaining what is going on in a template and how custom effects work.