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Level Director X - from Demo to Full Version Problem (joints and path buttons still greyed out)
Started by leemacread Jul 02 2016 11:19 AM

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level director x joints path greyed out
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Hi I have just bought level director x, after installing the demo - but after entering the licence key it says full version however the 'add joint' and the 'add follow path' buttons are both still greyed out.


am I missing something?


i've searched the help but cant see much on how to use joints and the follow path. 



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Hi Lee

I responded privately to your email, but for others on the forum the joint and follow path buttons are only enabled when you select two appropriate objects.
For 'follow path' one of the selected objects must be of type 'path' or 'beizer', in the next version polygons are also supported.
The button should then be enabled and will then link the two selected objects together.