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Apple GameKit
Started by Michael W. Jun 24 2016 11:55 AM

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If you haven't done so already, I recommend you download the GameKit Tester app I made and compile it:



It's a good way to learn the API and you don't have to setup iTunes again if you use your existing application name and provisioning profile.

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Yeah, I already downloaded and looked at the code, it's excellent demo for starters like me.


BTW: More update. I am able to get my game working in the realtime game mode. where my app connects from two devices in "autoplay " mode.  I am guessing the issue has to do with how the game gets invoked from iMessage (when we click on the iMessage received, when I invite friend from 2nd device). Probably I need to have some kind of event handler in the game to handle the iMessage (not sure). Will update when I find more Info.


Thanks again for the excellent piece plugin.



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