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FB Audience Network - interstitials don't work for iOS
Started by stanga Jun 21 2016 03:43 AM

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I'm trying to use fb audience network to show interstitials in my game.

On Android it works fine, but on iOS when I try to load an ad I always get the following event:


phase: failed

isError: true

response: No fill - Error Code 1001


According to Facebook, this could occur because:
1. The person testing has not logged into the native Facebook app on their mobile device
2. The person testing has enabled "Limit Ad Tracking" (iOS only) or has selected "Opt out of interest-based ads" (Android only) in their device settings.
3. We don't have ad inventory to show for that person


I ruled out 1+2, and the 3rd is unlikely - 

I have tried it with several phones (in England and Israel), so there should be ads available. 

Also, for the same facebook user I get ads in Android, so it looks like an issue with the plugin itself. 


Can someone take a look?

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I looked at the plugin yesterday on am unrelated matter and it worked as expected. No issue at the plugin side.

These issues are always caused by Facebook setup issues.

Notes of interest:

1) make sure you're signed into the Facebook app on your iOS device.

2) Make sure limit ad tracking is off

3) If you're using test ads, be sure to add your device hash that Facebook provides you in the console.

4) Try a VPN in the USA. That's where the best fill rate is.

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Hi together,


I implemented Facebook Audience Network in one of my IOS apps and interstitial don´t work.


I received the following message from Facebook:

At this time, we are unable to approve the app, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, with the identifier, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, for Audience Network. We will contact you if we can accept this app in the future. I received this message 4 months ego.


Can someone help me to fix the problem. I am also ready to pay for a remote support.

All my Facebook ads work fine for android apps but not for ios.


Please help me.





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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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You will have to work out with Facebook why they won't approve your app. Facebook should have explained why they rejected you or give you a path to ask why you were rejected.