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Spine Runtime version vs Spine Editor version
Started by jhow May 13 2016 02:05 PM

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Hello, our team has been using Spine for almost 3 years now. Our engineering team has been stuck on Spine runtime version 2.1 for a while now. This is because Spine and Corona are having issues updating the Spine runtime for corona to version 3.0 and beyond. 


Meanwhile, our art team has continued to update it's Spine Editor. It wasn't until Spine Editor version 3.2 where we noticed that the incompatibilities in version made our app start crashing. So we reverted back to Spine Editor version 3.1.07.


I just wanted to get an idea of what other teams are doing with regards to their runtime and editor versions? Esoteric's Git states "spine-corona works with data exported from Spine 2.1.27", but our art team has found good use from the later versions of the Editor with regards to UI changes and other tools (like filters).


Are any other teams doing this? If so, have you run into any major issues? Or are most teams sticking with Spine Editor version 2.1.27?


Thank you!