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icons (marks) in native.newMapView look blured.
Started by carloscosta Apr 21 2016 02:07 AM

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when i insert an image to a marker in a native.newMapView the icon will appear blured like the dynamic image selection is not function at all, it looks like is zooming 1x picture instead of picking the 2x or the 4x according. all my other images appear sharp only inside the native.newMapView are blured. in the Corona Docs it says "This will use dynamic image selection.", so i suppose this is a bug.


is anyone really using native.newMapView in a real life app? it looks like incomplete, unfinished and miss lots of key features that are important to any real life app not a demo to show that we can put a map inside an app. it's sad because i bet it took alot of work and effort to build it. but the way it is..is almost useless.

my problem is in android (i don't have an ios device right now to test it), with latest build 2016.2866.






P.S. the other problems that i've with native.newMapView  are in another posts i will not repeat the problems here.