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Is Windows Phone support outside of CoronaCards planned?
Started by tyrondis Mar 30 2016 04:50 PM

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I was wondering whether you guys have plans to support a "normal" build from Corona Simulator (like we have it for Android and iOS today) for Windows Phone as well, without the need for Corona Cards? If so, do you have any ETA on that?

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Joshua Quick

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Joshua Quick
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No plans.  WP8 hasn't been popular enough amongst Corona developers to justify the effort to do so.  Especially in bringing it to the same feature level as Android and iOS... which is the reason why we only provide WP8 support via CoronaCards, because it allows developers to easily extend it with their own .NET code.


But that said, WP8 CoronaCards is actually pretty easy to use because it is a Visual Studio extension which installs Corona's WP8 SDK, intellisense documentation, and project templates into Visual Studio.  In my opinion, the WP8 CoronaCards version is much easier to get started compared to the Android and iOS versions.  Once our Visual Studio extension is installed, you can easily create a new WP8 Corona project via Visual Studio's New Project dialog.  It'll create a working Hello World project out-of-the-box that you can modify from there.  You can find more details (with screenshots) via the link below.