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WebSockets WM8
Started by przelewelo Mar 16 2016 03:04 PM

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websockets rest service multiplayer
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Hello friends :)


I have a question about Windows Phone 8, doest it support Websockets in Corona Enterprise or some Plugin ??

I know that WP 8 can crate websocket and use it :)


Is there any part of Corona SDK that is not supported by Windows Phone 8 in case of game like -  multiplayer game where user can hit the ball with 5 round pawns. something like simple soccer game?? 



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Joshua Quick

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Joshua Quick
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We document Corona's Windows Phone 8 support here...



We do not support WP8 builds via the Corona Simulator or Corona Enterprise.

We only support WP8 via CoronaCards, which is a Visual Studio extension.


Our Visual Studio extension provides our WP8 libraries and WP8 Silverlight project templates for C# and VB.NET.  The project templates generate a Microsoft standard WP8 Silverlight project with Corona's library framework already referenced/linked and a working Hello World Lua project already bundled into it.  In my opinion, it's pretty easy to use.


Just note that WP8 CoronaCards only supports a subset of our Lua APIs compared to what's supported by Corona Simulator or Enterprise builds.  We document what Lua APIs are supported via the link below.  Note that our Lua network and socket libraries are supported.  Unfortunately, plugins are not supported.



So, any features not supported by Corona you'll have to implement yourself in .NET.  But the good news is that we have a pretty nice Lua/.NET bridging/communications interface.  Have a look here...



I hope this helps!