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New Calendar View
Started by jjsanchezramirez Jan 06 2016 01:25 PM

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corona sdk calendar view new sliding slide swipe swiping
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I was looking for a calendar widget with swipe gestures for a business app and, since I wasn't able to find one, I decided to make one.


This code is adapted from joelwe's Calendar Sample for Corona SDK and Jose Llausas's A Better SlideView for Corona SDK.




It's very easy to use. Simply require the calendar widget and create a new calendar.

-- Get month and year
local date = os.date('*t')
local month = date.month
local year = date.year

-- Create calendar widget
local newSlideView = require('newCalendarView')
local view = newCalendarView.new(month, year)

I hope you find it useful.


You can find the full code here.



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I've been looking for a good calendar widget. Corona said they were coming out with one but I have not seen it yet. I'm not sure if I can do it with yours but I want to mark days with the number of jobs I have assigned already. Maybe by color or the number of little marks by the calendar date. This way I can view my schedule and see what days I am free for more work.