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Phones that have no 'Secure Boot' NOT Locked Bootloader
Started by johnlelanagile Jan 03 2016 10:47 PM

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android boot loader
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Hey Guys,
I've been using the OnePlus One (Bacon) for the past year and I'd like to switch however the OnePlus One has no 'Secure Boot' not to be confused with 'Locked Bootloader'
I can modify partitions like the SBL (Secondary Bootloader), ABOOT (Android Bootloader) and the Modem without the phone not booting.
Can anyone recommend a phone that either ships without any boot verification chain or has the option to disable 'Secure Boot'
John Lelan

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Hi John and welcome to the forums.


This post doesn't seem to have much to do with using Corona SDK or our other products to build mobile games and apps. We do not support our product on rooted devices. If you're seeking more generic Android support, I'm afraid you will need to find another forum site to post in. This is way off topic for here.


Thanks for understanding.