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Vungle Performance...
Started by hogletpie Nov 07 2015 12:42 AM

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Vungle has performed well for me for the last two years.


Lately though (past 6 weeks) it has fallen off a cliff. Inventory is virtually non-existent here in the UK and when I do get an ad it's "brand awareness" of the type in a regular TV commercial. These are of little use to me.


Are any Corona devs (UK or elsewhere) getting decent inventory (games in particular) with Vungle?


Despite the docs here: https://docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/adbuddiz/


AdBuddiz have confirmed to me that this isn't supported! Also, despite extensive attempts to implement Chartboost videos (minimal implementation with no extraneous code) it crashes intermittently.


I am aware that some Corona apps have Unity video ads in them (Enterprise or AdRally - not sure).


Need a Vungle alternative for video ads. Perhaps Vungle will pickup for the holiday season but it has been a poor performer for me for a while...

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Hi Hogletpie, Sorry to hear performance has dropped when using the service. I was attempting to look up an application or account but could not. Would you like me to review and connect you with a Publisher Relations Manager we can see how to best help with the Vungle monetization? Please write us at tech-support@vungle.com so we can look into this and please provide your application details. Best.Vungle.ChrisM

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Hi all,


I am testing my new app and Vungle ads are not showing on iOS (iPhone 4S and iPad mini 2).

iAds are showing.

adMobs are not showing.


I even tried to change my Info.plist file to make an ATS exception, does not work.

Maybe in 20-30 attempts Vungle ads showed 2-3 times (app is selected as "Test" on Vungle account).

adMob ads showed nil (zero) times.


Vungle and adMob ads are working on Android with no problems.

I am very sorry to say this, but I cannot rely on adMob and Vungle on iOS.


Will have to go with iAds and IAP!