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New Corona version breaks simulation of location fetch and no error message
Started by henrik5 Oct 15 2015 03:43 AM

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Had to downgrade to 2015.2730 for other reasons, but I checked the Hardware/GPS sample code, which also doesn't work anymore and doesn't display the newText() message that location events are not supported in the simulator.


Main gripe is that previously, you got a single location event with some coordinate, and you didn't have to change the flow of events to cater for the simulator, and almost all our apps use location.


It would be nice to have a console error message when adding the eventlistener for location, I spent some time on this and now I have to write a separate event handling flow for each of our apps that requires an update, and hope that I remember that this was the cause so I don't spend time looking it up again each time.


p.s. running the sample code sometimes gives this error message. I have not filed a bug since I'm not on the latest daily build.


okt. 15 01:32:58.420: Project sandbox folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Corona Simulator/GPS-BF290CAB406B56C8C6E94F54F89FDEF3

notify name "com.apple.locationd.desktop.registration" has been registered 180 times - this may be a leak



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Hi @henrik5,

Can you provide a build number (earlier build) where it behaves differently than 2731? What OS and device are you running on? Or is this solely in regards to the Simulator?