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Collision Calculator
Started by Michael W. Sep 17 2015 05:04 PM

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Michael W.

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Michael W.
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Collision Calculator

by Roaming Gamer

View and activate on the Corona Store

This plugin allows users to generate a calculator 'object' that then allows them to easily configure collisions using names instead of numbers.

It does this by (internally) assigning numbers for each 'collider name' and then by auto-calculating filter values based one what objects the user says collide with each other.

In short, this plugin turns a semi-arduous set of calculations into a small amount of easily read and configured code.


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 At first, thank you and Roaming Gamer for this plugin.


 @Roaming Gamer: do you miss something in your document? In the "collidesWith" function, your doc shows:

-- 'redBall' collides with 'block' and 'greenBall'
 myCC:collidesWith( "redBall", { "block", "greenBall" } )

But in the sample:

myCC:collidesWith( "redBall", "block", "greenBall"  )

 So does it mean they will colide each other or something else?

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Many apologies!  The 'full example' in the docs needed to be updated.  I have just done so.


Also you can get the code in the example here:




This is for those who don't want to cut-copy-paste (like me).


Thanks for catching that!

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