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New 'Roaming Gamer' Modules and Utilities
Started by roaminggamer Aug 18 2015 12:58 PM

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As part of my Patreon Drive this month, I've been working on Answer Packs, modules/utilities, tools, and templates.


This post is about some of my new modules/utilities.


Thus far I've completed and released three:

  1. RGStateCalc - A small module to guess what (US) state you are in based on GPS coordinates.  This can be modified for a number of other uses and is a proof of concept more than a tool.
  2. RGRagDolls - A small module to help you more easily create rag dolls in Corona SDK.
  3. RGEasyPicker - A replacement for the Picker Widget.  This is a highly adjustable and scaling tolerant picker.



As with the Answer Packs, these items are all available as rewards for Patrons, so if you don't want to buy, consider becoming a Patron and getting them as a free Patron reward.


Meanwhile, I'm working on tons of other items:

  • Swipe Navigation Module for Composer 
  • Easy Physics Drag, Drop, and Toss
  • Event Reflector (send events from one instance of Corona to another for testing)
  • MultiScroller - Scroll Widget Replacement that handles embedded scrollers, buttons, dynamic content loading, etc.
  • RGBehaviors - A module that allows you to create 'strap-on' modular behaviors.
  • Tweaking Tools - A toolkit to make editing and adjusting apps and GUIs easier.
  • RGActions - A toolkit of 'action game++" actions like: aim, seek, face target, thrust forward, etc.
  • RGEasyRemoteImage - A module to simplify downloading, displaying, and managing remote images on the fly.
  • RGEasyPopups - A replacement for system.showAlert() that allows you to make nice looking pop-up dialogs which are part of the Corona display environment.


If you see something in my list that seems like a must have, let me know so I can prioritize.

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greg brady

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greg brady
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Well Done!