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Smallest rect and uniform sprite size questions
Started by g7972739 Jul 31 2015 06:47 PM

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I'm using a game engine that doesn't accept LUA or XML files.  So, I can only import texture sheets alone.


Is it possible to have TexturePacker just calculate the smallest bounding rect based on a sprite sequence?  I've messed with the program quite a bit, and I can't get it to really do this.  It simply trims everything as much as possible and crams them in.  Additionally, when using "MaxRects" you can't sort the sprites in order.  Not only do I need them to be be in order, I need each sprite size to be the same... otherwise the spritesheets are 100% useless to me.


I understand I can use the "basic" algorithm to sort alphabetically, but every sprite is still just packed against eachother, and there's no way to make each sprite the same size on the sheet.  Are the days really gone where people create sprite sheets where every sprite's bounding rect on the sheet is the same size?  In other words, each sprite could be 96x96 even though the sprite itself doesn't take up the whole space.  If someone could let me know how to achieve this, that would be great...


Additionally, I was hoping I could use TexturePacker not only for sheets, but to simply find the smallest rect and export each frame individually (not on a sheet).  I understand this is sort of what Multipack is for, but it requires a lot of manual messing around with the max sizes to get it so that it's one sprite per image.


Since I'm not using a complimenting LUA file, I guess TexturePacker is far less useful (for me) than I expected it to be...


Thanks in advance.

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Rob Miracle

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@g7972739, these forums are for Corona SDK. This is not a general support forum for Texture Packer. As you're not planning on using Corona SDK, I'm going to lock this thread.  Please use Texture Packer for support.