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Can I make a journal based app with Corona?
Started by juanjcv7 Jul 22 2015 06:04 PM

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I'm kinda new to creating apps and Corona is the only program I have had tutorials of, and so far I haven't seen a way to receive text from the app-user. From the apps created with corona that I have seen, some receive some text (like users name in Fun Run) but nothing more than that. I wan't to create an app that's similar to a diary (don't wan't to get to specifics) but I'm wondering if there's a way to receive large amounts of text from the user (like the Apple products' Notes) and store them in different entries or if I should be using another app creating program. 

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Hi @juanjcv7,

Yes, you can receive larger amounts text. We just published a roundup of tutorials on this very topic:




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Brent Sorrentino